I love bunting. There is something so charming about a row of beautiful textiles adding whimsy and life to a space! This was honestly one of the easiest projects ever. My girlfriend gets the credit for the hot glue, because I originally planned on sewing it all…

It’s been a while since I have shared a crafty project here on the blog… but this one was so fun and easy, how could I not?!scrappy bunting tutorial

For this project you will need:

  • scrap fabric
  • bias tape (you could also use ribbon or hemp}
  • hot glue gun {and glue!}
  • scissors
  • pins
  • paper to make a template

Step 1

Create a template. I used construction paper {because kids} and folded the paper in half to create an even triangle.scrappy bunting instructional

Step 2

Pin your template to the fabric and start cutting. I did 16 triangles in total, based on the length of my bias tape.

Step 3

Iron Everything!

Step 4

Flip your bias tape so that the backside is showing. Add a small string of hot glue and place your triangles face down on the tape… keep going until you are done. I just eyeballed the spacing between each triangle, but went for about an inch. No Sew Bunting Instructions

When you flip everything over it should look like this:no sew scrappy bunting


See? Easiest bunting ever! I’ve made it out of paper and foam too… you can check that out here. Are you a bunting fan?

-Miss Ash

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