I am excited to share our DIY bunk beds today! We built these for our 2 boys, and they just love them! We used these plans from Ana-White, and they were super simple to follow. DIY bunk bed sign

We were able to build these for virtually nothing, because we used scrap wood leftover from our build. We had to fill some knots and cracks… and I did need to do quite a bit of sanding, but totally worth it in our opinion! The one thing we did have to purchase were nuts and bolts. Here is the inspiration for these bunks from Land of Nod. You can purchase them for about $1600 USD.

Here are our bunks:

cottage boys roomland of nod inspired bunkThe quilts are from Pottery Barn and were a gift to the boys from my mom. I love the wide stripes, and I was so happy that she spotted them! Sometimes I have her keep an eye out for things in the states, because she often finds much better deals then I do in Canada. I did however find white and grey sheet sets for like $5 each here at Target.

pine walls white trim 2This room gets a ton of natural light! I love the headers Matt built for the windows. I still have painting to finish in the loft, so I decided to leave this room in the natural pine… which I think works perfectly for a kids space at the Lake! The bean bag chair and pillow are also from Target, as are the black wall lamps. The red bins are from the dollar store.

diy bunk ladderAs you can see I have done nothing in the way of finishing the ladder. It was the last thing we built, and I haven’t gotten around to filling the holes and painting it. We may eventually do something that is off the floor- to prevent littles from climbing up- but I really liked this design for ease of use with E getting up and down in the night.

I haven’t really shown much of the upstairs aside from the Boys Bathroom. In fact, the last time I did I think it looked like this:

image (18)

Before that it looked a little something like this:IMG_6720We’ve come a long way, but there are still lots of tiny things to do in here…

finishing pine wallsSome day we will be done. I really need to get some storage in here for the boys toys. Pretty much all of their clothes will fit in that red dresser. We bought it when E was born (so it’s about 7 years old) and it has held up really well. It is from the IKEA Hemnes collection.

ikea hemnes 3 drawer dresserAs it turns out Elijah’s favorite color is blue, and Gabriel’s favorite color is Red, so we are going with it and having a nautical/camp themed room. I look forward to accesorizing this space, but with Canadian Summer fast approaching I desperately need to get some window coverings! It’s been fine to have nothing in the winter… but it won’t work for much longer.

You can see where the boys bathroom is in relation to their beds. It’s the closed door below that also needs a header above it. haha. The other side of the room is in a state of “lego mania” as I like to call it. Don’t worry… their room is rarely this tidy these days.

pine walls white trim

Please let me know if you have any Q’s about this build. It was really straight forward, honest! And you just can’t beat the price! I would say it may cost between $100-$200 in materials depending on wood type and finishing. Ana considers it a beginner project 🙂

I hope you are having a great Thursday! I’m cozying up with some tea, trying to kick a cold, and enjoying some spring like weather!

-Miss Ash

6 thoughts on “Land of Nod Inspired Bunks”

  1. Can I asked how you finished the beds? Sanding, primer, what color you used? It doesn’t look like a bright white paint, and I am going for that same look, so thought I would ask. Wonderful project!


    1. Hi Jessica- I did sand these like crazy- as they were rough framing lumber. I believe I used Behr Paint and Primer in One in a semi-gloss. I can’t remember the exact color of white, but may be able to track it down.

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