Prepare for some family photos!  I had been hoping we would get a chance to take a few maternity and family photos at some point, but had resigned that it just wasn’t going to happen. I am after all about to have a baby any day. However, this morning we just decided to have a spontaneous family photo shoot.

I’ll be honest, I was reluctant to get in front of the camera, as I am feeling very pregnant, at 40 weeks! Puffy face anyone? But my goodness, am I so happy we did this. I feel so lucky to have such a talented hubby who can capture these moments, and a very capable 9 year old! He took all the photos of Matt and I. Getting photos of the 2 of us seems to be a rare occurrence the last few years, so these are precious to me. (I’ll spare you from sharing the 40+ photos I edited of us, but here is a good sampling)

I love this photo below. My belly is so lopsided! You can see the baby just sitting on the right side. This baby has by far been my most active baby to date. I can’t believe there is a little person in there… 

These little people are my whole heart. They are so, so excited, and it makes me marvel at the gift of getting to mother these sweet souls. My prayer is that they will love deeply, passionately and experience the immense Joy of Jesus. They are little lights already, truly salt of the earth humans.

Can’t wait to find out who this little peanut is. I am so, so excited!!

-Miss Ash


4 thoughts on “The Kooman Family (Photoshoot at 40 weeks Prego)”

  1. Great pictures! I enjoyed looking through them. I’m excited for you, I can’t wait to see this little one either! Get some rest while you can.

  2. Simply beautiful! To capture this moment in time is so important! And yes couple photos, too! We adults tend to avoid photos of ourselves. Beautiful! Our kids are now in their 20’s …time flys,too fast! Always enjoy looking thru the photo albums, remembering moments and how young we “all” looked back then!!

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