It’s been a really long time since I have talked about our kitchen. You probably remember my crazed painting session with a $17 quart of paint to rid us of the swans and fruit baskets about 2 years ago. While Matt and I have plans for our kitchen- we had to recover from building our addition- so those plans have had wait! But- we just built a new wood hood fan cover for above our stove, and it’s feeling a whole lot more kitcheny. Woohoo!

The last time I shared this part of the kitchen it looked something like this…

Then one day I used a can of spray paint primer on that random ikea cabinet that was here when we moved in.

But then our old little oven bit the dust, so we made the decision to purchase a new range. The thing is, we knew we wanted to convert to gas when we reno’d so we bit the bullet, had a gas line ran and purchased our lovely new range. That meant I had to have a good understanding of what our new layout would be… 

I’m ready to open the wall… paint all the things, order the cabinets and run new electrical. But for now I will celebrate our sweet little hood fan. I still am not sure how I want to finish the wood- if I want to wash it, stain it warm, dark or grey… so I am living with it for a while before I decide.

One thing is for certain… progress of any sort makes me happy!

-Miss Ash

PS- I’ll be posting a full tutorial over on Remodelaholic as part of the contributor team! So I’ll be sure to let you know when that goes live.

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