matt-and-andrewGood morning sweet friends! I hope you are soaking up sunshine and enjoying a fresh coffee or tea. My hubby and I spent some time away in the mountains for a little retreat to celebrate my birthday, it was the perfect gift. I wanted to pop by today to share a trailer from Matt’s upcoming film, She Has a Name.

Many of you know about this project- and might remember me spending seven weeks with my kiddos last fall while Matt went to Thailand to shoot. The story was written by Andrew Kooman (Matt’s brother) and co-directed by Matt and his other brother Daniel. It focuses on the heartbreaking story of a young girl forced into the sex trade- and the undercover lawyer who is working to get her out.

We first started getting involved in Anti-Trafficking work back in 2010. Matt and I then went on to attend a conference called the Collective Shout in December 2010- and came home with a desire to put on a similar event here in Canada. We were able to facilitate that in 2011- in parallel with producing a play about trafficking written by Matt’s brother, Andrew- also called She Has a Name. The play had a sold out 3 city premiere- and went on to do a National Tour of Canada.

production-stillThis film has been a passion project from the beginning- one that has taking so much work, prayer, and sacrifice. Yet, here we are today with a finished film that is beautifully shot, produced, directed and pieced together. From the cinematography to the score and soundtrack- this film is so well done- and on an Indie budget. I am so proud of my husband, and thankful for his perseverance, along with the team behind the project, to get this story out.

This film moves beyond awareness and into action. The producers have partnered with organizations that are currently working to fight human trafficking in the areas of rescue and aftercare. Every sale of the film sends freedom funds directly to those organizations that are working to end modern day slavery.

It would mean so much to me if you would take a moment to watch the trailer. If you feel moved to do so- share it with your friends. The more we can get the word out, the greater impact this film will have in bringing children to freedom. The film be released in select theatres and available for purchase Dec.2. You can also find the trailer on facebook- I’ve left appropriate links on the bottom of this post.

Thanks so much for taking the time to watch friends,

-Miss Ash



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