Happy Monday friends. Oh my. Am I tired today. I guess it is just life with 3 kids one of whom just doesn’t sleep well. Isn’t it amazing what you can do on little to no sleep? Not to mention we are out of cream… for the coffee that is. We are about to get going with school for the day, but I thought I would just quickly pop in to say hi. The boys are getting ready to warm their little desk seats, and I have a to do list for the day- with showering at the top of that list!

Last week {I think?} I snapped some photos of our progress in the Family Bathroom.Today I thought I would share the progress on our boys 2 piece bathroom. Really it’s a kids bathroom, but Finley doesn’t use it yet, so for now it will be “the boys’.” I showed you  an inspiration board a while back that looked like this:

boys bath mood boardThis is where we are today! We still need to… finish trim. lol.

boys bath 1


It’s pretty basic right now and is shouting out for a little character and personality… it definitely needs some fluffing and finishing! Some shelves, wire baskets and soft towels…I think it will be a great little space when I am finished with it.

boys bath 2I found this mirror at Home Sense, and decided to hang it a bit low… just so they could actually see themselves in it! It reminds me of how little they still are. It pains me to see the cracks showing unfinished pine… so much time spent brushing the cracks, only to have the wood shrink up this winter. You live and you learn I guess.

Once I have a bit more time, I really would like to add a little character to that vanity… I think it was $129 or something crazy, and the faucet was $30. It was such a great deal, and works well, but I think it’s calling out for some chippy goodness. I’ve taken over the boys old room as my “headquarters” complete with homeschool stuff, computer, paint cans, sewing machine and workshop lovelies!

The navy wall color is from Behr, and I will have to find the paint can so I can share it with you.

What do you think of wood planking? Sometimes I know people love the look of unfinished pine {we left the boys room au natural} But I love it for the texture, and find a horizontal install most appealing. I have seen some great DIY’s using ripped down MDF or plywood to get a similar look, or going really wide to mimick the look of Shiplap. This is our finished wall (no drywall underneath) and is 3/4″ thick with a 5″ face… It worked out well because I personally LOVE the look {Matt does too!} and we are HORRIBLE at drywall… so it isn’t something we would have ever attempted to DIY throughout the house. For that reason, we actually saved money by going with the pine and installing it ourselves. At some point I’ll have to go through all of the different ways to finish it… we are at 5 thus far!

I am so enjoying being intentional about our home. I don’t have a big budget for decorating, but it’s been fun shopping the crawl space and shed for things that have been in storage since we moved over 2.5 years ago! And of course keeping an eye out for great second hand finds. I hope to share the sweetest antique piece with you this week {if I can get behind the camera}- which has been my jumping off point to get started with actually putting nails in the wall! You might have caught a glimpse of this on instagram…

photo 2photo 1

Hope you have a great Monday 🙂

-Miss Ash




6 thoughts on “House Update, The Boys’ {Nautical} Bathroom”

  1. Hi mizzzz ash
    The boys bathroom looks fantastic, I like the pine on the ceiling it is natural and gives a really great rustic feel. The painted boards on the wall really do like look like shiplap, Joanna Gains from “Fixer Upper” would love it!
    The wall of pictures would get the approval of “miss mustard seed”.
    Your choices are timeless and will be able to hold their own through the years and not look dated.

    1. Oh thank you Mizz Deborah 🙂 I LOVE Fixer Upper!!! We caught a pilot a few years back- and I had to seek her out because she has such great style! I’m so glad they got picked up to run their show. Such great inspiration. It’s fun to get the decorating wheels turning for our house 🙂

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