Grey Farmhouse Hutch | This Mamas Dance

Farmhouse Hutch finished in MMS Shutter Grey Milk Paint

In case you haven’t noticed I looooooove flowers. I just couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of this sweet little garden arrangement plopped atop my farmhouse hutch. I had about 4 open roses in there, but by the time I was able to take photos they had already sat for a few days and were on their way out. I planted 3 new rose bushes this spring, and they look horrible. I am not sure if it’s powdery mildew, caterpillars or what- but most of their leaves have shrivelled up. I am hoping they recover! Any rose experts out there?? The “Old Pink Moss Garden Rose” that these pink blooms came from was planted about 3 years ago and is absolutely thriving this year. Yay!!

Garden Bouquet- Vintage Stock, Lambs Ears, Garden Rose

vintage stock, lambs ears, emerald gaiety, old pink moss garden rose

I am loving using lambs ears with just about every arrangement- the muted green looks so lovely next to just about anything. I snipped the darling berry colored and off white blooms from one of my pots. It’s called “Vintage Stock” And I just love it. It’s an annual here- but if I can get my act together next year I will seed trays and trays of it.

Flowering Cabbage, Vintage Stock Planter This Mamas Dance-1

I planted a few pots in soft pastels… muted greens, and pretty pinks- including some blush Vintage Stock that is almost finished blooming. The flowering cabbage is just stunning- I will definitely be planting more of those next year! I usually plant lots of red, white and purples- but it was fun to plant pots more along the lines of what I gravitate to in my decor.

Large Grey Outdoor Pots| This Mamas Dance

Farmhouse Hutch | This Mamas DanceOh this little farmhouse hutch is my favorite. It looks cute with just about anything….

-Miss Ash

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