cloche-with-moss-this-mamas-dance-3Things have been feeling a bit disjointed on our Piano wall- which was once our gallery wall– and has sort of been sitting in limbo land. I would like a large scale piece above the piano- but I don’t have anything yet- so I simplified the colors- and according to Matt am only missing a few extra cats. 😉 I kept things white and grey, with touches of green.

grey-and-green-piano-wall-this-mamas-dance-3So do you agree that it’s a bit plant lady? There is a lot going on, especially for me! But, I was just enjoying all the things- so I just kept adding more and more. At least there are no sunflowers 😉 And even if the whole world thinks I am a plant lady sans cats- technically I do have one– well, I don’t care. This little piece of wall real estate is feeling sweet and collected… and for today I am enjoying it.


I’ve found a local piano teacher, so my oldest should be starting soon. I love hearing my kids tinkering on the piano, and sharing in a little part of my childhood. The sounds fills our home, and it brings me so much joy. You can read more about the story behind our piano here.


I want all of the succulents, cloches and mossy moss goodness. And an in home composer would be nice too;-)

-Miss Ash

One thought on “Greens + Greys: The Piano Wall”

  1. i love the art wall and the deco on the piano…i re-read the piano story again, so beautiful…❤️

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