So, remember how I said I wanted to work on the mudroom built ins- adding the face frames and building cabinet doors this week?! Well, we’re done! Just kidding… we aren’t. In fact, I didn’t even move a single piece of wood from the pile that is sitting in our dining area. I look at it longingly though.

This week ended up being even crazier than last week. How. Is. It. The Weekend? This much is true, I need a shower and I have laundry to wash, fold and put away. But, just because I didn’t make any progress, doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it. Which sometimes, is half the battle. For example, will we use pocket holes or tenons. Truth be told my pocket hole jig still confuses me and doesn’t seem that straight forward. Maybe I just need more practice. But, I know I need to practice before using it on my frame pieces.

We built our cabinets a while ago out of plywood. Here is what they look like as of today:

mudroom built ins-1

They are a bit of a mess- but let me tell you something. We went for over 2 years without any kind of closet for a single shoe, boot or coat. In fact, our little farmhouse came with 2 teeny, tiny 24″ deep by about 30″ wide closets in each of the bedrooms. People didn’t have much stuff in the olden days- which always makes me wonder why WE have so much stuff. Sometimes it feels like even though my house is 2x the size it used to be, we still have overflow. I need to change that.

Anyways- tangent. My point is, even though it is messy, I LOVE our little mudroom. It makes me so happy to have a spot to hang coats, and leave wet boots and snow pants. I just need to finish organizing it to optimize it’s function- and make it pretty with paint and trim. I think I also need to purge some hats and mitts.

I drew up a few sketches between feeding the baby wolf pack, changing diapers and teaching multiplication tables, to determine what sort of configuration we wanted to go with.

mudroom built in sketch-1

What option would you choose?

I sent it to Matt and asked him which he preferred- and he said “Probably B” Which was perfect because that’s what I loved too! Meant to be, us two.

Before I drew it out I thought I wanted option A- but it looked far too busy once I had it on paper. I toyed with the idea of putting doors on the whole thing, but having those open cubbies really adds to the functionality for us. The kids can easily grab their hats and mitts- and I usually keep a bucket of beach towels, hats and sunscreen there in the summer. So, the doors hide the busy clutter away- and the open shelves allow us to keep things accessible.

You’ll notice in my sketch I have a bit of an idea for the doors… heres hoping we can pull them off and they look just as wonderful in real life as they do in my imagination.

I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to entry ways and mudrooms. I have a ton of beautiful mudrooms pinned using rustic reclaimed lumber with hooks and benches. We chose not to go that route though- because of our space. Built ins give us so much more storage- which is a must in a truly 4 season climate! I like the way these built ins combine open and closed storage.

| source |

I am also looking forward to painting this door… will it be a pop of colour or deep charcoal? Hmmm…

| source |

source |

The dreaming phase is fun- but I love when the planning phase is done and it’s time for the action phase! Hang a mantle, paint a wall- build some doors! Oh yeah. Time to get to work!

-Miss Ash

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  1. Looks great Ash! That last photo with the blue door totally looks like you! I’m sure it will be stunning:) Great job on the sketches too!

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