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Garden Flowers: daisies, snap dragons, cedar, marigolds, lambs ears, poplar, chives, white mystery flower

Last week I had the pleasure of co-hosting a wedding shower for some lovely brides, which meant I got to have  a little fun with flowers. I had planned to grab some grocery store bunches, but the day ended up being a busy one and I didn’t make it to the store. It’s amazing what I found in my garden even though it felt like “nothing was blooming.”

I brought 6 arrangements total- these 3 mason jars had a sweet, relaxed, country vibe. The other arrangements had similar composition and were in ironstone. I threw a few faux white carnations into the mix just to add some fullness. These are a bit wild, and relaxed, which I like.

Relaxed Garden Bouquets| This Mamas Dance-1

The muted yellow of these marigolds is so sweet. The boys helped me collect anything we could find that was in bloom. They too love making little arrangements, and bringing flowers in for their mama.

During the summer I try to always have a few garden arrangements around the house. They just make me happy. Once I got home, I placed the mason jars throughout the house- in our living room, bedroom, and bathroom

Relaxed Garden Bouquets, Cottage Bath | This Mamas Dance-3Relaxed Garden Bouquets, Cottage Bath | This Mamas Dance-2

So sweet.

We have a big work week coming up, and are hoping to make some progress on the siding of the house ( aka finish) as well as with some of our lingering trim and paint touch up projects. This week I’ll be going through our to do list and making sure we have all of the supplies on hand needed to finish the job. Yesterday I grabbed a few more stain brushes, cedar boards for window trim and some white Arbourcoat Stain for the trim. Have I mentioned how much I love shopping with my kids over nap time 😉

Hope you are having a great week!

-Miss Ash

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