Vintage Floral Painting, little girl's room | This Mamas DanceWhen I spotted this painting at a thrift shop, it just spoke to me. I loved the sweet little round blooms, and the short stubby pot. I decided to put it up in my daughter’s room, and I love it there. Year round flowers for a little girl’s room sound about perfect to me.

Vintage Floral Painting | This Mamas Dance-2Vintage Floral Painting | This Mamas Dance-3

garden thyme, oregano, roses, sweet peas, limelight hydrangeas, sunflowers, zinnia, hollyhocks

I had a little art imitates life moment when I plopped this fresh jar of blooms  on her dresser. You guys- I know I say it just about every day- but seriously, I love flowers. Just when I think my garden is winding down for the season, I walk around and clip a little of this, a little of that, and before I know it there is a wild bouquet of delight in front of me.

In many ways Fin’s room is the least put together of all the spaces in our house (ok, maybe aside from the “office” aka junk room, and the semi-reno’d kitchen) yet it is so cheery and sweet to me- and one of my favorite little spots. It has the loveliest light from morning til afternoon, and I have many happy memories with my babe there. This painting just adds a whimsical feeling- and takes me on a little visit back to my own childhood.

-Miss Ash

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