I have begun to realize now more than ever, that creativity is essential to the filling of my cup. In order to give to my kids, friends, hubby, and those I am in community with- I need to pursue the act of imagining. For me that takes many forms- but writing, painting, building, dancing and re-inventing are just a few ways I express my desire to pursue creativity.

I recently read the quote:

“to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

I liked this.

There aren’t rules when it comes to creativity- in fact, thinking I am bound by a certain set of rules in my home, in painting, in writing or in moving- makes me feel stifled. And so I say, create!

This morning after breakfast, coffee, school and toddler requests- I put the baby to bed and finished helping E with his Language Arts. I looked at G’s helicopter lego creation, and then I went and painted our newly fabricated cabinet doors and built ins. I reflected on what this whole process and experience means to me, while I brushed white paint onto wood.

I love expressing and learning through our home, more than loving our home itself. I love the people here, I love the freedom that comes with having a safe haven, and I love using the walls and floors as a canvas of sorts. One which has a story to tell. Do I love tearing walls down and cleaning up dust? Or living in chaos and tripping on cat water? Not so much… but I feel empowered by the ability to have a vision and create it using my mind, my hands- and partnering with my husband to dream and build. It’s not all that is important to us, but I do think it is essential to us. If not four walls, then a canvas, a camera, music, a dance. To create something from nothing.

Knit within our very being is the imprint of The Creator. He loves it to. What an overwhelming thought to think that you or I are his greatest works. Greater than the breath-taking rocky mountains or the snowy topped Narnia- esque trees. Just let that sink in. You are his most cherished work!

Over the Christmas break I was chatting with a friend about being real. About challenging our motivations and the things we share through social media and personal platforms. The importance of connecting with people face to face. She asked me what I wanted to do with my blog in one way or another… and it was a good reminder to keep grounded in God’s Spirit.

I love taking pretty pictures and making things over. I love re-arranging and painting things. It’s so fun and I will keep sharing those things. I have also been so impacted by redemption, and I never want to forget that. One day, I would love to share with you a little bit more about the tag line of my blog ” Finding Beauty in the Unexpected.” In my life this has been one of the greatest threads that holds the tapestry of me together. To revisit the loneliest times of my life- like losing my dad or our third baby- yet pulling away from the pain of that experience and clinging to the beauty that was knowing the realness, the truth of how very real God is. To know that I found that in the Ashes of this life… He is real.

His love is real.

He shows me the beauty in this life through baby smiles and brush strokes. Lego creations, and quiet nights at home with my love. I thank God for these gifts, and pray that he would always give me eyes to see His Beauty.

I haven’t had a lot of time to quiet my heart and reflect in the New Year. Reflection is found in the little, unexpected moments- less intentional and more wandering. Yet I am hearing “I am with you” Spoken over me again and again. I am letting it wash over me.

I know that I want to be intentional about serving. I knew when Matt went to film for 6 weeks, me staying home with our 3 kids, and managing life for us here, was an act of service not only to him, but to our God as well. I know that God has a purpose in bringing hearts to him and setting captives free through the film Matt is working on. At one time or another we are all captive to something. We all need God’s freedom.

It is in serving that I begin to truly understand my heart’s cry. It is a beautiful and challenging thing. It takes discipline in me to turn away from the voices within my head that just say “me, me, me, my, my, my” yet, I feel fully alive, even in the struggle, and the un-noticed act of serving. It isn’t glory filled, yet it is so filled with HIS glory.

Be blessed today friends. What is God speaking to you lately? Do you hear anything? Do you question if he is really there? Does fear hold you back from taking a leap?

-Miss Ash



6 thoughts on “Finding Creativity”

  1. I am so inspired by your blog and the sharing from your heart. I am at a very different stage of life from you, but I still relate to the musing of daily living and the creativity. I relate to your relationship to the Master Creator. Thank you for the gift you give us in your writing and sharing.

  2. What is God speaking to you lately? God speaks in whispers to me and I think he does to most. He whispers supportive words, whispers comforting words, whispers loving words. We just always need to be quiet within and listen.
    Do you hear anything? I do. When I feel low, I hear him offering comfort and encouragement.
    Do you question if he is really there? Not anymore.
    Does fear hold you back from taking a leap? I sometimes am held back in fear and it seems that is when God is telling me to be careful!

  3. What lovely words…
    I saw your beautiful home featured on Eclectically vintage, and I had to come over and see more of you! Of course, Your home and blog are just impeccable. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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