Hi friend. How are you? I hope you are finding rest for your soul during this December season. A season that can often be busy and filled with hustle. A season that can often become one of want. We want more time, more rest, more gifts, more, more, more. It takes intention in our house not to be caught up with all that we want- and instead look first at what we have, and second what we can give.

After a very intense year, I am having to scale back on what we are doing. There are no fancy crafts to mark advent, or copious amounts of Christmas baking- or even volunteering and reaching out in our community. I am choosing to have grace for myself- and resting in the stillness of the peace of God. Letting go of the hustle and expectations as best as I can. Which for me- to be frank- doesn’t come naturally.

Don’t get me wrong- I love this time of year- but I think I’m just tired 😉 2 weeks of sickness in our house hasn’t helped either! Thankfully we are finally coming into the clear.

Each month I like to take a look at where my readers were clicking most- and while it’s a bit overdue- here’s where people were clicking in November.

7. Our House Tour

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5. One Room Challenge Week 6: The Loft Family Room Reveal

4. Refinished Table Lamp {Before+After}

3. How to White Wash Walls

2. The Reupholstery Process: A Beginner’s How To Guidenovember review

  1. Classic Christmas MantelThank you for clicking and being a part of this little corner of the web! You are the best- and I am so thankful to have you as a little piece of my life!

-Miss Ash

4 thoughts on “Favorite Posts: November in Review”

  1. Ashlea, I love your blog and all that you’ve done with your home. Thanks so much for taking the time to share all your hard work with your fans. Blessings from Oregon.

  2. I absolutely love your house tour! I love the shiplap/planked walls and all of the white! It’s very fresh and clean. I’m trying to help my mom redo some stuff in her house and this is her style 100%. I can’t wait to show her your house for inspiration!

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