Last week we did something crazy… we went away as a family to the rockies to enjoy the beautiful mountains at our door step while having some family R&R. Crazy for us, because we are really bad about taking time off, but we actually did it!!

The funny thing about this photo is that it doesn’t catch my oldest son with a massive spontaneous nose bleed behind me. Or the crying toddler in the baby back pack because she only wanted mama to carry her. It does however manage to catch just a smidge of the breath taking scenery.

For Christmas this year both myself and the boys got new to us cross country skis and boots. Man, I love cross country skiing! Most of the time our kids do really well, but sometimes there is some pouting involved. Not because it is hard, but because my oldest expects to be winning loppits, and the toddler wants to be skiing too- instead of being hauled in the sled. We did an easy ski to troll falls, and the kiddos loved seeing the frozen water.

Despite some vehicle troubles that threw off our plans upon arrival to the mountains, we were able to go out skiing 3 times. I love it. We also went out by a lake near Banff.

One of the highlights for the kids was this frozen water fall. Not to mention the friendly squirrel…

“Vacations” with three kids are often more work than leisure. Anywhere we went to ski, passers by seemed to encourage us with a “Wow! All out for a ski! That’s awesome!” Sometimes Matt and I wonder why we try- because the amount of resistance from at least one kid on any given day is enough to make us go sit in a dark quiet room. There is never a shortage of crying, or disappointment. But, as silly as it sounds- every time we get out it gets a little bit easier- and hearing our kids retell the glorious day from their eyes is worth it.

As a busy couple, made up of one extreme introvert, and a mild introvert- we have to fight for these moments of family fun. Getting all the gear, packing a lunch and extra clothes, driving- is definitely a bit of a job with three young kids- but it was a wonderful week with my loves in the mountains. I know I’ll always remember these sweet times with our little crew. There really is so much to love about winter!

On that note… I may have bought some dahlia tubers today… I’m ready for spring!

-Miss Ash

6 thoughts on “Family Time in the Rockies”

  1. It is lovely near Banff. I camped in the national park year ago when young. It was not in winter!
    It is great to get the kiddos out and about to discover and appreciate the beauty and experience of nature. Great shots of the frozen waterfall.

  2. Great photos of the Rockies very majestic…
    The photo of the kids is great, three smiling faces and bright eyes full of wonder! they will look back at those photos when they’re older and remember what a wonderful time that week was…

    even though your kids don’t know it, they are very blessed to have you and Matt as their parents. ❤️???

  3. Our family trips were always a nightmare, and every time we went somewhere we swore we would never travel again! But we all survived and it makes me smile now when my boys (aged 28 and 24) talk about the great times and memories they have of those days. Keep it up because you are making priceless memories for your kids.

    1. Thanks for sharing candidly Elizabeth 🙂 lol. I am often reminded of our family trips as kids- and now have a glimpse of what it must have been like for our parents!

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