I have long admired white spaces, but never felt like it was a direction I wanted to go in my own home because of the 3 little munchkins that I share said home with! However, as time goes on I am realizing that some things might get ruined, or wear out… they might even get stained- but that doesn’t mean I should avoid creating spaces I truly love.

One of the first places I chose to embrace white was with our bedding… white sheets and this lovely duvet from my mama. Disclosure: This post is inadvertently sponsored by my mom who pretty much gave me all the bedding you see on my bed 😉 Like mother like daughter… we both have a love of textiles. I showed you the sweet white duvet a few months ago, and I am happy to say it’s still nice and white thanks to adding a dash of bleach every few wash cycles.

Layered White Bedding with grey 2I am no bed making expert, but I loooooooove textiles- seriously I have  weakness! I wanted to try my hand at creating a sweet coastal farmhouse (is that a thing?) look, and thought I would share my process.

I started with a white bed skirt- which I ironed. Now normally I wouldn’t be bothered, but it was so wrinkly, and I don’t have any intention of taking it off any time soon…


Layered Bedding With Skirt | This Mamas DanceNext came the duvet. I love all of the little ruffles. Side note- we don’t use a top sheet because Matt hates them. Some times I try to sneak one back in, and he ends up being really grumpy or pulling it off. It’s a battle I am willing to lose for the sake of a good nights sleep.

Duvet Detail| This Mamas Dance

Next I added a “coverlet” at the foot of the bed… I love that this looks like old linen or grainsack fabric. It’s actually a $14 drop cloth that I bleached and washed! It’s incredibly soft now- and I love the little seams. The grey knit throw is by Nate Burkus.

Drop Cloth Coverlett, Farmhouse Bedding| This Mamas Dance

I layered white pillows with these sweet grey ticking stripe ones. We all know I love a good stripe…

Ticking Pillow with White

I love the little ruffle on the top sham. I pressed (aka ironed) the ruffled cases just so that everything would lay nicely. I never iron things, but this weekend I ironed all the shirts we never wear because they are so wrinkly for both Matt and myself. Did I mention our dryer was broken for months… well good news is it’s fixed now! Wahoo for the refresh cycle.

Ruffled Pillow Detail

Grey Cat

Our cat Tiger is right at home amidst the greys and whites… FYI my boys named him. When they were little I guess all cats were tigers. The funny thing is that he actually does have subtle stripes in his tail!

White Shiplap with Boxwood white bedding | This Mamas Dance

I’ll say one thing… it’s a little tricky for this inexperienced photog to take a good shot of white bedding without it being blown out 😉 It’s a process I guess. I’m a sucker for white with fresh green these days. It’s just a big ahhhhh…

-Miss Ash

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8 thoughts on “Creating a Simple Layered Look with White and Grey Bedding”

  1. This is gorgeous! I’m a sucker for white/neutral bedding but with my dogs + toddler I can never keep it clean! I adore how this looks, though!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I hear ya with the kids and animals 😉 The other day I realized there was pen on the arm of our sofa, good thing it’s blue! Ha. It blends right in. I don’t know when some of these things even happen!

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