Things have been pretty focused on Maker House projects lately… I thought I would share the latest Episodes for my short web series…as well as an update of what is happening since I first shared the “before” photos, and the painted floors update.

Episode 1: Framing, Drywall and Primer

When we took over the space the exterior walls had been drywalled and mudded. They were in need of some additional sanding- and then we also framed in the board room and offices. Below you can see the board room.

We were able to salvage about 10 of these windows from an office building renovation. They were in really great shape. They don’t look like much in the pictures, but they have come a long way! Matt and his dad completed all of the framing, and once they started on trimming out the windows I got to work on painting them all out in a dramatic black. I love they way they are looking- they make such a statement amidst the see of white.

I also chose paint colors. As I’ve mentioned, Kilz provided some of the paint for this project. I used Magnolia Home True White on all of the walls, and Grey Mist from Behr on the floors. I chose a true black for the windows- which I just asked to have mixed up at the counter. I can find out the exact name one of these days…

Episode 2: Progress and Paint

Our new windows were installed which meant we could finish up painting, start on the floors and get to work on trimming everything out. The electrician finished up tying in all the electrical. Yay!

Other than the electrical, sanding and priming-Myself, Matt and his Dad have been doing pretty much all of the work ourselves. #wemightbecrazy #crazyawesome.

Yep… that is the same angle! Obviously punched in a bit- but we framed in the office walls which largely consisted of framing in the windows. I played with different configurations for the windows…

And landed here:

We will be installing a door on a track for the opening into the offices.

Nearly all of the walls are cinder block. We used a block filler, and then panicked a bit because everything started turning yellow! GAH! I guess 60+ years will do that… it was really strange though because it was as though there was a line where the stones started to yellow- which you can almost see in the photo above. Thankfully the yellowing only came through on the block filler and not the paint. We did a test and left if over night- and let out a huge sigh of relief when it was still white in the morning!

We are working on a few different wall treatments, including this chevron wood wall in the board room. I love the way it’s coming together! It’s a little tricky working with 1×8’s but we are making it work. The lumber (as always) is warped- even when picking through the pile, so we couldn’t match everything up perfectly on both angles… We decided to make our lives easier and plan to do 2 vertical trim pieces. We knew we would be dealing with this- as we are using inexpensive pine- but in the end I think it will come together.

It really does make a statement… I’m so glad I have Matt for these projects because math is not my strong suit. I just put the boards up…. haha.

I put this picture on instagram in January… and it pretty much sums up life for the last month! Working late to get this place ready for all the amazing people that are sure to walk through the doors.

I’ll have a walk through up hopefully in the next few days to give you a better idea of what is where!

-Miss Ash


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