I wanted to pop in this morning to share that my new web series is now available on youtube. As I mentioned we’ve been documenting the journey of this whole thing– and it just made sense to share what we are up to in a vlog style format. I hope you enjoy these!

I don’t plan on these getting really long- unless of course there is interest for it. They will probably stay in the 2-4 minute range. I’m working with Matt on the format- but there will be a variety of Update Videos, as well as some Tutorial Videos that will be accompanied by a photo tutorial.

Speaking of photos- I have a pile of them ready to edit- but my computer is at the computer doctor. Matt replaced the RAM which served as a temporary fix, so please pray that it comes back happy and healthy! You never think your computer will crash… until it does! So back everything up people.

I have the teaser up and the first episode if you’d like to keep watching 🙂

It’s gonna be a whirlwind!!

Industrial Maker Studio Style Board | via Ashlea This Mamas Dance

Because I couldn’t resist, I put together a style board of some of things I’m dreaming up.

We’ve scored a pile of reclaimed windows that we will be using throughout the interior as walls. I’ll be painting all of the frames out in black. The funny thing is we had hoped to have a few windows… and I had pinned all these inspiration photos to my board knowing we would never have full walls… and then someone connected us with an office that was being demo’d. So Matt and his Dad hauled all these windows upstairs. It’s going to be amazing!

We will be painting the floors on the loft side with Killz Porch and Floor Paint in Grey Mist. Killz is a sponsor on this project and I am pretty excited to be working with them! In the loft- which will be the hands on community work space- I want to build extra large utility/farmhouse style tables, and hang large black pendants above. I’ve been scouring IKEA for some inspiration and just LOVE those new chairs pictured above. We will definitely be using some.

I’m planning a dark shiplap feature wall to go behind our reception area, and want to warm it up with some reclaimed wood on the desk top. That plant wall is inspiration… while it won’t look exactly like that- I would love to do a living wall of some sort, even though I have the worst luck with indoor plants.

Anyone have any tips for indoor plants? I think I’ll be doing some research at some of the local nurseries to see if they have experience with installing living walls…

Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

-Miss Ash

7 thoughts on “Building Maker House: The Web Series”

  1. that was a great video, I felt like I was watching a show on HG TV !
    you, Matt and your team are doing an excellent job on the space, i love it ❤️

  2. Can’t wait to see the next video…………….remarkably fantastic quality. The design is over-the-top! Keep up the good work!

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