Well, things are slowly coming to a finished (for now) place in our little bathroom makeover. I am hoping to get the storage tower built  and painted this week, and then I think I will call it a wrap. I decided to put together a little inspiration board with a few things I tracked down on le’internet which are very similar to what I have done in our little cottage bath redo. Enjoy 🙂inspiration board


1.Red Metal Bird Hook–  This isn’t where I bought mine, but I found this little guy on etsy which looks very similar.

2.Mint Ash Towels– available from the Threshold line at Target

3. Butcher Block Vanity– the blog I previously shared, beneath my heart, has a great tutorial for building your own vanity.

4. I found some cute bathmats at HomeSense while shopping with my mom.

5. Here is a pretty inspiration photo from Pinterest, using reclaimed wood.

I hope to have photos of the full reveal up soon… Hopefully no more 2 week internet outages. #cottagelife #yepidid

-Miss Ash



One thought on “Bathroom Inspired Board”

  1. At first I thought this was all of your reno hand-work! But I’m sure yours will look even better:) I really like the color of blue in photo #4 in the mats. Good finds:)

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