We are making some progress in the living room with the built ins. We had originally planned to do this back when we were in the construction phase, but once we got furniture in there I wasn’t so sure. However, when we started working on our closet built ins I realized how wonderful shelving is for storage and display! So I went on a lumber buying blitz and purchased pressed pine {laminated similar to butcher block} pre cut and ready to go at 16″ deep. The boards were 8 feet long so we cut them down to appropriate lengths. We had originally planned to do plywood, but this meant ripping everything down and trimming it out. We have done so much work, and this just saved that extra bit of time!living room built in progress
blues and greens, living room decorYou can see a glimpse of the built ins on either side. We still have painting and trim {kick, face frame and beefing up the top} to finish out- but we were working on these right before we were going away for 10 days- so we needed to do a quick tidy for our friends who were house sitting 😉
built ins in flanking fireplaceThis will help motivate me to take care of all of the wires from the tv and speaker system! Oh wires… Here is a picture from December to remind you of what it was like without shelving… livingroom1For both these, our closet and the bathroom cabinet we used this tutorial from Sawdust Girl:

DIY Shelf Pin Drilling Jig

She has done some crazy amazing renos and cabinet building- so if you are looking for some build inspiration check our her house tours! She does LOVELY trim details as well…

Her closet is AMAZING. PS- she built it


I am looking forward to trimming out and painting things- the finishing work is what brings these projects together. I just need a really long nap time from baby La. 😉

-Miss Ash

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