Simple Fall Centrepiece | via Ashlea of This Mamas Dance

Today I am showing you the simplest pall center fiece, I mean fall centrepiece.  I literally did write that down though… I must need more coffee or more sleep. Anyways, while I am showing you this simple little centre piece, I am not going to talk about it- since it pretty much speaks for itself. Today, I am going to talk about my almost 2.5 year old toddler baby, who is slowly grabbing the skittles that are my sanity and hiding them in her Thomas the Train back pack that she inherited from her big brother.

Simple Fall Centrepiece | via Ashlea of This Mamas Dance

acorns, apples, pinecones and pumpkins

Simple Fall Centrepiece | via Ashlea of This Mamas Dance

Something happened. She has been the most easy going baby, rarely a tear. These days she screeches when she doesn’t get what she wants, and seems to be on “no” auto pilot. Not to mention she decided she doesn’t want to nap, and doesn’t like ever going to bed. Life is too exciting I guess.Simple Fall Centrepiece | via Ashlea of This Mamas DanceSimple Fall Centrepiece | via Ashlea of This Mamas Dance

Being a mama is a roller coaster. Just when I think I have our little world figured out, and some kind of routine that makes our world a happy place, everything changes. Bed time is suddenly a surprise to two thirds of the kids, tried and true foods are no longer palatable, and apparently I buckled the carseat in the wrong order.
Simple Fall Centrepiece | via Ashlea of This Mamas Dance

I’m trying to remember my patience and kindness with my little butterfly. She is very opinionated and wants her independence, especially with 2 big brothers around who have so much freedom in comparison- at least in her little eyes. But I’ll be honest, it is hard some mornings! I don’t remember such a strong little will with my boys- but perhaps I have just forgotten?

I know this too shall pass, and its days to be cherished- but that saying of the Days are long and the Years are short has not felt more true than it has the last few weeks. My babies are growing up before my eyes- and I am the haggard mother raising them. lol.

Oh dear soul- I pray for rest.

Why do I consider myself a mother in her right mind when I will be taking my kids to get a bundle of candy tonight? Cue the meltdowns…..

-Miss Ash

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  1. Oh I remember those days. Yes, they will try your patience, sanity and peace. I have 3 girls and one boy. the girls just seemed more temperamental. Boys are energetic for sure, but the girls are more emotional. My days of raising children is over, but there were days bedtime was shortly after dinner. Today they are wonderful adults. Take deep breathes and cherish the kisses at night, those smiles when they see you coming and hugs that say,you’re the best mom in the world.

    1. Your comment really blessed me Linda. Thanks so much for sharing, and for being relatable 🙂 It helps to know others have walked this road and come out the other side.

  2. that is so funny Mizzzz Ash …
    i feel your struggle, strong-willed kids seem to challenge us at every turn and just so you know, it doesn’t ever end… i’ll pray ?

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