So do you remember the snow shoes I showed you a while back when I shared the story of the friendship quilt that made me cry?

quilt and snow shoesWell I think I have found a home for them 🙂 I am going to start at the top of our beautiful white oak stairs {props to my husby Matt!} which are to the right when you walk out of the boys room, through the open door….

pine walls white trimwhite oak antique impressions flooringIf you look up this is what you see… hello ceiling!

lakehouse pendandt lightI would like to take a moment to say that sometimes all the hours of trolling Pinterest or studying every building and home you walk into can be worth it {please tell me I’m not the only one?} I should also add saving magazine pages to the list {something I do, much to my BFF Joclyn’s dismay…. hahaha magazine hoarders unite!!} This staircase is something I thought could only exist in my imagination, and even though I stained the ceiling before I chose the floors, I love how well they complement each other. It was meant to be! I couldn’t put into words the color I was looking for, but I love love love how it all came together. FYI- the ceiling is stained tongue and groove pine. Yes! Pine… who knew pine could look so good?! {PS- ignore the unfinished trim and paint}lakehouse stairway

And here we are in relation to our wee little gallery wall.snowshoes on the wallNow the question I ask myself is,  should these stay up year round? Or only in the winter time? I just don’t know… decisions decisions. What would you do? {now that its nearly Spring}

I love how when I start hanging things on the wall, this place feels more and more like home. Yet it’s funny how I get really nervous about it! I don’t want to have too many “little” pieces, because I don’t want it to feel busy and crowded… but our gallery wall taught me that it’s possible to bring small pieces together to create one cohesive statement! Bam.

Thanks for sharing in the fun of this project with me. Who remembers this?image (15)Happy Friday friends!

-Miss Ash






2 thoughts on “A Home for the Snowshoes”

  1. Hello! I am trying to pick a floor stain for my white oak floors. I i saw yours on Pinterest and have to have that stain! Do you know what color and brand it is? And is it oil base or water base? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jenna- thanks so much for stopping in! Our floors are pre-finished engineered hardwood. The flooring brand is “Antique Impressions.” I’ll see if I can track down any details about the stain color for you!

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