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This is one of those so super simple projects that I have wanted to do for years- and I finally did it this afternoon! It probably even took less than 10 minutes to make these dip dye wooden spoons, so I really don’t know why I waited so long! It is so easy, it doesn’t really require instructions, but in case you are interested in how I made them- you’ll find all of the step by step instructions below.

Are you convinced of how easy these are yet? Should I say it one more time? I won’t.

As you can see I went pastel- because it’s summer, and I am gravitating towards these colors in little doses. It’s a little more modern than usual, but I am enjoying the color blocking- a cheap way to make a little change in the kitchen. They kind of remind me of Easter, or maybe just mini eggs. #soaddicting

Dip Dyed Wooden Spoons | Mamas Dance-7

Supplies:Dip Dyed Wooden Spoons | Mamas Dance-1

Gather all of you old remnant paint! If you don’t have any, then acrylic craft paint would do just fine- and runs about $1 per color. I bought the spoons at the dollar store. The painters tape helps you get a nice crisp line.

Dip Dyed Wooden Spoons | Mamas Dance-2

I taped off the bottoms of the spoons using an index card as my spacer, placed width wise. I marked each spoon with a pencil, then taped off the line.

Dip Dyed Wooden Spoons | Mamas Dance-3

Each handle took one coat of paint, which I brushed on with a sponge brush. If you are interested in recreating this pallet I used the following colors: Ballet Slipper Pink by Behr, Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore, and Marina Isle by Behr. The gold is Rustoleum’s metalic gold spray paint.

Dip Dyed Wooden Spoons | Mamas Dance-9

Dip Dyed Wooden Spoons | Mamas Dance-16

Dip Dyed Wooden Spoons | Mamas Dance-12

Dip Dyed Wooden Spoons | Mamas Dance-14

I love quick little projects like this because I get my crafting fix, but it doesn’t make a big mess or take many supplies. There are so many ideas for customizing wooden spoons floating around out there- you could create a wooden spoon empire! 😉 Or you could give them away as gifts- theres a thought!

Happy Monday guys- hope you have a lovely week.

-Miss Ash

10 Minute DIY: Dip Dye Wooden Spoons | This Mamas Dance

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